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Midnight Euphoria

Midnight Euphoria

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A symphony of darkness and light, a sultry dance of shadows and whispers. An otherworldly woman who pulls you in, hypnotizing you with the whimsical beauty that flows through her hair.

You feel it, don't you? The thrill racing through your veins, a rush of adrenaline that sets your pulse alight - like you just downed a triple espresso. You recognize that feeling, that sense of abandon, of saying, "to hell with it," and diving headfirst into the great unknown. It's a feeling you've chased for so long, a feeling you've longed to capture and hold onto forever.

In "Midnight Euphoria," you're reminded of the version of yourself you once knew, a creature of the night, a seeker of thrills and adventure. You've spent too long shackled by convention, by the expectations of others. But you're not a pawn in anyone else's game. From here on out, you commit to reveling in the magic and mysteries that reside in your deepest desires - with "hold my beer" energy.

This leading lady represents a beckoning invitation to abandon the box you've lived in to this point - to which you answer a resounding yes. As you stand before "Midnight Euphoria," you feel a tidal wave of freedom and liberation wash over you, a freedom unlike anything you've ever known.

This is your moment, your chance to break free from the chains that bind you and soar into the night. You may not know where this journey will lead you, but one thing's for certain: you won't be going back. And as you disappear into the night, a whirlwind of excitement and possibility swirling around you, you can't help but feel a sense of gratitude for the masterpiece that changed everything.

"Midnight Euphoria" is more than just a painting; it's a gateway to a world of endless possibilities that are waiting for you, and you're ready to surrender.

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22"x28" original mixed media with oil on gallery wrapped canvas

From the "Leading Ladies" collection

Signed and varnished

Comes with certificate of authenticity signed by artist

D-rings and hanging wire installed - ready to hang

Painted in 2023


Please allow for 2-3 business days for Morgan to hand-package your work of art, safely and securely, in preparation for its journey to you.  You'll receive tracking information via email once it's shipped - so you can stalk the truck and prepare the perfect space for your art to live.  You should see your masterpiece within 3-7 business days after it's shipped out.

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