Art that Celebrates the Real You

Find the perfect piece that captures your divine inner light.

You ARE the Spotlight

From a young age, the world—and sometimes even those closest to you—pressured you to change, hide, or tone down the REAL you.

You were taught to live a life of conformity, prioritizing the opinions of others while neglecting your own essence.

In the process, you lost touch with the divine light within you.

But you were never meant to blend in or fade into the background.

Through my faith in God, I’ve realized that the world will always try to mold us into what it wants us to be by instilling fear, doubt, guilt, and shame.

When you shine your unique light, this external pressure even increases.

But true peace and joy come from releasing yourself from the world's expectations and instead becoming the light that God meant you to be.

You DESERVE to shine brightly! It's your divine right.

The spotlight is already within you, now it's time to reveal it.

About Morgan's work

Reconnect with the divine light that lives within you.

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Original Paintings

Paintings that connect you with your divine inner light.


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Paintings that reconnect you with the divine light within you.

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Murals that transform your space into a new world where your loyal fans love to escape.

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A visual, artistic experience that reveals with paint and emotion what your reflection in the mirror can't - your Divine Light.



Archival reproductions of powerful paintings that showcase and celebrate the light within you.


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kind words

Morgan met with me to come up with a fantastic concept. She stayed in contact with me through the process, and I got to see her work come to life. I highly recommend Morgan if you’re in the market for a unique and wonderful gift or just want something beautiful for yourself.

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I can’t thank Morgan enough for the attention to detail for me and my new painting. The symbolism in the colors and subject of the piece were carefully built to make every single aspect of the painting unique and special. 

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Love the art I bought from Morgan. The colors are gorgeous. She was quick to respond to my questions. Once the piece was ready, she shipped it out quickly. It was well-packaged so no fear of damage in the mail. 

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Morgan did a painting for my daughter in honor of my mother, and it far exceeded our expectations! Morgan's interpretation of my mom’s soul brings such a sense of healing that we needed. When we look at this painting, we feel a sense of peace and love that my mother showed us.

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