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Eternal Hope

Eternal Hope

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That warmth you feel? It's telling you something.

At first glance, the bold colors and graceful lines of this piece call you in instinctually like the voice of a siren to a sailor. But as you take a closer look, you feel it in your bones – this painting's got a secret, and it's whispering words only you can hear.

You see yourself reflected in her face, it's like looking into the mirror of your soul... fierce, unyielding, with a hint of vulnerability. This Leading Lady's got that, "I've been through hell, and I came back to save you" vibe, with a side of "get your dusty azz out of my face, I'm protecting my energy" that you can relate to.

Imagine yourself tackling life's greatest challenges with such strength and love that leaves everyone thinking, "She's an absolute goddess," while having full control of who has access to you, your energy, and your life force.

Each time you glance over your shoulder at this piece, you're reminded that the energy that the world has tried to drain from you can never be taken away. You have full control. Total autonomy of where you choose to shine this light - and with whom.

This painting is your proclamation that the spotlight is not just *on you; it's radiating from within you, spreading hope to those you wish to share it with - on your own terms.

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Print on archival, glossy photo paper

Available in multiple sizes, please see product variants for more details

From the "Leading Ladies" collection

Original painted in 2023


Please allow for 2-3 business days for Morgan to hand-package your work of art, safely and securely, in preparation for its journey to you.  You'll receive tracking information via email once it's shipped - so you can stalk the truck and prepare the perfect space for your art to live.  You should see your masterpiece within 3-7 business days after it's shipped out.

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