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Lingering Ecstasy

Lingering Ecstasy

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"Lingering Ecstasy" - She's a vision, a masterpiece where even the title alone sets your pulse racing. At the heart of it all, you see a woman so enthralled in pleasure that she seems to be frozen in time, her expression smoldering with a hunger that demands to be sated.

You can feel that, right? That electric charge, like lightning dancing across your skin leaving goosebumps in its tracks. The feeling of longing, of craving something so deeply it consumes you from the inside out.

"Lingering Ecstasy" isn't just a painting. It's a gateway, a key to unlocking the darkest corners of your desires that you've been long denying. You see yourself reflected in the brushstrokes, a creature of desire in a world that sometimes feels too tame.

You've spent too long denying yourself, repressing those urges that claw at the edges of your consciousness. But not anymore.  Imagine yourself surrendering to the intoxicating pull of pleasure, throwing caution to the wind, and casting aside the shackles of propriety in favor of indulgence and ecstasy.

This is your declaration to revel in the sheer delight of being alive, to embrace every delicious sensation that comes your way. "Lingering Ecstasy" isn't just a painting—it's a catalyst for a life of pleasure so deep that it suspends you in time and stops your racing mind. Indulge your deepest, darkest desires.

After all, life's too short to deny yourself the sweet taste of satisfaction - and getting everything you want, exactly how you want it.

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30"x40" original mixed media with oil on gallery wrapped canvas

From the "Leading Ladies" collection

Signed and varnished

Comes with certificate of authenticity signed by artist

D-rings and hanging wire installed - ready to hang

Painted in 2023


Please allow for 2-3 business days for Morgan to hand-package your work of art, safely and securely, in preparation for its journey to you.  You'll receive tracking information via email once it's shipped - so you can stalk the truck and prepare the perfect space for your art to live.  You should see your masterpiece within 3-7 business days after it's shipped out.

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