A special woman in your life has overcome the unimaginable. She's even shared with you her most vulnerable thoughts, like:

I feel like someone I don't recognize anymore - I'm a fraction of who I used to be...

My life feels like a punishment...

I can't escape the voices that are making me question my purpose, my value, and my capabilities...

I'm scared I'll never feel like myself again...

But you know how badass she is, and you want her to remember that too.

Soul Portraits were made for her.

When you purchase a Soul Portrait for her, you’ve given the special woman in your life the gift of truly seeing her purpose and strength without doubts, which will last a lifetime.

So she can look at her painting as she goes through the day, and be brought back to a place of internal reassurance instead of second guessing.

To tune out the expectations, obligations, judgment, and noise of the outside world.

So she can finally hear her soul, with complete clarity, and find the hope, relief, and power she's been waiting for (that's been within her all along).

Soul Portraits - The Gift of Triumph

Morgan's paintings magnify the voice of your leading lady's soul, transforming it from a faint whisper into a clear, resounding declaration of triumph when she needs it the most.

  • Representational

    A Soul Portrait isn’t a likeness of physical self - it reaches deeper than that. This representational portrait reminds you that when you dive inward, you’ll find the answers you need.

  • Divine Messengers

    Your Soul Portrait features symbolic divine messengers that support you during the journey of rediscovering yourself.

  • Intuitive Lines

    To represent the noise of the world - judgment, expectations, obligations - that you will tune out so you can finally hear your soul clearly.

  • Symbolic Colors

    Each color chosen for your Soul Portrait has a meaning and portrays an emotion that’s a part of your story.

Tears of Gratitude to be Expected

The most meaningful, heartfelt gift that she's guaranteed to love. Her Soul Portrait is more than a painting - but an experience of a lifetime that she'll cherish forever.

I'm Ready

The Process

1. Connect and Confirm

Pay your 50% deposit to secure your slot. Morgan will then contact you so you can share a bit about who your gift is for, a bit about what they've overcome, and any questions you may have. Morgan will also follow-up with available times for your consultation.

1. Connect and Confirm

2. Consultation

Conducted via Zoom, this is where Morgan will meet with your leading lady to capture the key components of her story to be highlighted in the final piece. This is a safe and nurturing space for her to feel comfortable sharing even the most tender thoughts or stories.

2. Consultation

3. Concepts

Morgan will translate the nuance of your special lady's story into a breathtaking mock-up design inspiration for your review before painting begins.

3. Concepts

4. Creation

Sit back and relax as your masterpiece is created. Once the piece is complete, dry, and varnished, it will be shipped in a safe and secure box made to fit - with detailed tracking information. Final 50% payment is due before shipping.

4. Creation

It's your experience

Your custom piece can be made in Portrait orientation (up & down) or Landscape orientation (side to side) depending on what works best for your space and your taste.




    • Living room feature
    • Foyer entry focal point
    • Lovers of detail

    2 payments of $1,950


    24"x30" *MOST POPULAR


    • Bedrooms
    • Hallway accent
    • Feature wall in office

    2 payments of $1,350




    • Narrow spaces
    • Addition to a gallery wall
    • Those who move often

      2 payments of $950


What if I want one for myself?

Amazing! If you're feeling connected to the idea of a Soul Portrait as a gift to yourself - let's do it.

The process will be the same as outlined above. However, since we won't need to wait for a surprise gift reveal, we can get started as soon as feasible instead of waiting until after Christmas :)

Wait, what will she actually open on Christmas?

Don't worry, we'll work together to write a sentimental, heartfelt card that will bring her to tears along with the announcement of her custom Soul Portrait experience for Christmas.

Plus, I'll send you the breakdown of the process and examples of my work to aid in the conversation.

Will this be a portrait of the person it's for?

Her Soul Portrait won't be a photorealistic representation because it's meant to be symbolic. Based on her story and experiences, her Soul Portrait will be completely unique to her soul - it's deeper than what she looks like physically.

What sizes are available?

Three sizes are available to you: 16"x20", 24"x30" (most popular), and 30"x40". You'll have the option of portrait or landscape orientation to ensure your custom piece fits the space perfectly.

How do I pay a deposit?

You can find the payment link to pay the deposit for your Soul Portrait here.


The process - from the moment of confirmation to receiving the final piece - is typically 2 months.

On your consultation call, you'll get a better understanding of my schedule at the time and a more refined estimate on when your piece will be complete based on your size selection.


Yes, absolutely! There are several options for payment plans.

1) Using Shop Pay. You'll see this option in the checkout form. Look for the purple text. You can split your deposit up into 12 total payments.

2) Using Affirm or Afterpay, which are both available in the checkout form as well right under ShopPay.

I'm moving and don't have a place to put my piece right now - could i do it later?

Sure, that's no problem. Go ahead and secure your slot with your deposit - then we can follow up to finish your piece at a time that's convenient for you.

Why a Soul Portrait?

Complete Personalization

She's an extraordinary woman, and extraordinary women are usually difficult to gift for. You need something that no one else will have, that is meaningful to her, and something that fits her taste.

Sentimental Value

Gifting this once-in-a-lifetime experience shows your lady how much she means to you in a way that words can't express. She will always remember and cherish your showcase of love.

Expert Artistry and Empathy

Morgan, creator of the Soul Portrait, has over 20 years of experience and has been trusted to handle situations as tender as child loss, SA, and other difficult life situations.

she deserves it

Examples of Soul Portraits