So what is Your "Intangible Essence?"

You have that little *something* within you that was encoded since birth.

Your "je ne sais quoi," if you will.

Your most true, raw, unfiltered self... the distilled, concentrated energy that makes you YOU.

THIS is your intangible essence.

Your intangible essence is more than what you do or the roles that you play in your life.

In this artistic experience, Morgan guides you through a series of thoughtfully crafted prompts to unearth your Intangible Essence - and visually translate that onto canvas

The Process

1. Connect and Confirm

Choose your size painting and pay to secure your slot. Morgan will then email you with details on your prep paperwork and scheduling your consultation.

1. Connect and Confirm

2. Consultation

Through a series of guided questions over Zoom, Morgan will learn your Intangible Essence. This is a supportive and encouraging space that allows you to be as dramatic, bold, and expressive as possible. 

2. Consultation

3. Concepts

Morgan will translate your Intangible Essence into a digital mock-up for your review before painting begins - to ensure that you love and connect with it before even the first brush stroke is made.

3. Concepts

4. Creation

Sit back and relax as your masterpiece is created. Once the piece is complete, dry, and varnished, it will be shipped in a safe and secure box, made to fit - with detailed tracking information. *Plus, it comes with a special story written just for you that you can hang alongside your piece if you choose.

4. Creation

"But I don't feel like I have an Intangible Essence."

"I don't know what my Intangible Essence is!"

You're not alone in feeling this way.

In fact, you have lost touch with your intangible essence - because that's what was expected of you.

You were expected to fit in, to calm down, to obey, and ultimately diminish parts of your intangible essence so that you could fit into the version of yourself that the world expected you to be.

The beauty of this experience is that as your essence is brought to life on canvas, you can get consistently reconnected with the parts of yourself that you were previously separated or distant from - no matter how long it's been.

  • 30"x40"


    • Living room feature
    • Foyer entry focal point
    • Lovers of detail

    Payment Plans available at checkout

    $3.8k Early Bird Price - Until May 15th

  • 24"x30"


    • Bedrooms
    • Hallway accent
    • Feature wall in office

    Payment Plans available at checkout

    $2.8k Early Bird Price - Until May 15th

  • 16"x20"


    • Narrow spaces
    • Addition to a gallery wall
    • Those who move often

    Payment Plans available at checkout

    $1.8k Early Bird Price - Until May 15th


It's your experience

Your custom piece can be made in Portrait orientation (up & down) or Landscape orientation (side to side) depending on what works best for your space and your taste.

Reconnect to your Intangible Essence

Art isn't simply decoration - it starts with purpose first.

  • Personal Story

    You'll receive a beautiful story (written by Morgan, just for you) that you can display next to your painting.

  • Meaningful

    Every element of your painting has meaning and contributes to portraying the overall emotion.

  • Infinite Detail

    As your Intangible Essence is brought to life in Morgan's expressive style, you'll see layers of details that you can get lost in.

  • Peaceful Place

    Your painting doesn't expect or demand anything of you. Put her in a peaceful place, where you can return to her for comfort when you need it.

Tears of Gratitude to be Expected

Maybe it's been months, years, or even decades since you've felt like your full self.

But this experience reconnects you with the parts of yourself that you feared were lost forever - in a way that you keep forever.

Imagine the tears of relief, pride, and gratitude that will fall from your eyes when you're face to face with the parts of you that have been hidden for so long... Like coming home to yourself.

bring your intangible essence to life


Can I give this as a gift, or does it have to be for me?

This experience can certainly be given as a gift (and a very thoughtful one at that)! In order to get the most out of this experience, Morgan will need to have a Zoom call with the recipient to learn their Intangible Essence so that it can be translated onto canvas.

So is this a portrait of me?

This painting reveals what your reflection in the mirror doesn't - your intangible essence.

What sizes are available?

Three sizes are available to you: 16"x20", 24"x30" (most popular), and 30"x40". You'll have the option of portrait or landscape orientation to ensure your custom piece fits your space perfectly.

How do I pay?

You can find the payment link to pay for Intangible Essence here.


The process - from the moment of confirmation to receiving the final piece - is typically 2 months.

On your consultation call, you'll get a better understanding of Morgan's schedule at the time and a more refined estimate on when your piece will be complete based on your size selection.


Yes, absolutely! There are several options for payment plans.

1) Using Shop Pay. You'll see this option in the checkout form. Look for the purple text. You can split your total into 12 total payments.

2) Using Afterpay, which is available in the checkout form as well right under ShopPay.

I'm moving and don't have a place to put my piece right now - could i do it later?

Sure, that's no problem. Go ahead and secure your slot with your deposit - then we can follow up to finish your piece at a time that's most convenient for you.

I already know what I want to be painted - will the process be shorter?

In order to get the best possible outcome for this experience and a painting with deep meaning, connection, and purpose - it's best to come in with an open mind and allow the process to unfold as designed.

will I receive updates as the piece gets painted?

If you would like behind the scenes sneak peeks of your work in progress, absolutely!  On the flip side, if you prefer to be surprised, we can keep everything close to the chest so you're completely surprised seeing your piece for the first time.

kind words

Morgan created a commissioned piece for me, “Embracing Escape.” When I look at this beautiful painting, I know that being imperfect won't destroy everything. It's a reminder for me now every time I see it, and I am so grateful that Morgan was able to capture it! 

kind words

When I saw the finished product I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe I had this beautiful piece of craftsmanship on my wall. It's breathtaking. I stared for minutes observing the fine details. My heart…geez.

kind words

I wanted to get my Aunt something special to honor my cousin. Morgan listened and came up with the perfect representation of him. The painting was gorgeous, brought us all to tears at Christmas. My aunt said she will cherish it forever. Morgan made the process joyful.

kind words

The painting my wife and I received from Morgan features very bold colors with character and personality that jumps off of the canvas. Morgan was also very friendly and professional in working with me to make the idea into reality. A+.

This is Your Chance

Reconnect to your Intangible Essence that's been inside of you, begging to get out

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