Before it got bad, before I recognized that crippling anxiety was what kept me awake at night, I tried to run away. I didn't know what I was running away from. All I knew was that if I didn't stay in continuous motion, it would catch up with me and wouldn't let me go. In an attempt to escape my own mind, I jet set to Peru, London, and Iceland. The photos I captured during these vacations remind me that we can't run away whether it be every day at work, on vacation alone, or in our dreams. These moments I've captured, frozen in time, all have one thing in common - me. The same anxious, couldn't sleep at night, struggled to breathe, would obsessively measure her waist every day, excessive worrying "do people like me?" Morgan was responsible for capturing these gorgeous moments. While the terrain, colors, and scenery starkly contrast from country to country; I am the same everywhere I go.